Pachelbel's Canon in 3 tunings: Just intonation, Meantone and 12-equal

Pachelbel's Canon in D, in three different tunings: Just (with septimal C), Quarter-comma Meantone, and the usual 12-equal, all played at midi organ.
  • 1st voice: Montre 8 + Nazard 2 & 2/3
  • 2nd voice: Montre 8 + Tierce 1 & 3/5
  • 3rd voice: Montre 8 + Larigot 1 & 1/3
  • Bass: Principale 16+8


  1. Hy Claudi Meneghin,
    if one compares the Pure Tuning with the Tempered Tuning, then one immediately understands why the dispute as to whether Tempered Tuning or Pure Tuning was bitterly fought over many decades. Today, we principally listen in tempered tuning. This is only due to the bound instruments. But in Pure Tuning we hear the beauty of the pure consonances. Compare only the 3rd bar in the 3 tunings. Thank you Claudi Meneghin for bringing this to our eyes and ears.

  2. it is very untrustworthy to rely on memory of a whole piece to make comparison, it would be better to compare just one phrase in all three