The Circle of Fifths approximated in 11edo

The Circular progression 0, 5, -2, 3, -4, 2, -5, 0 in 11edo, approximating the customary broken circles of fifths: C F Bb Eb Ab D G C.


7x8=56, Two Divisions of the Octave in 56edo

We present two chord progressions in 56-equal division of the octave, raising  1/7 of an octave one, and 1/8 of an octave the other. The former is repeated 7 times, the latter 8 times, thus spanning a whole of an octave.



Double Fugue on "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" for String Quartet, by Claudi Meneghin [55edo]

We present a Double Fugue on "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" for String Quartet, by Claudi Meneghin, in 55-equal division of the octave, close to sixth-comma meantone, a tuning possibly used by Mozart.




The Octave in Five Parts - 50edo


A chord progression raising by a fifth of an octave, repeated five times, spanning a whole octave.
Tuning is 50-equal division of the octave (note that 50 is divisible by 5).
The basis chord progression is C Eb G - Cb D G - Fb Ab Cb D - Bbb Db Fb G, which resolves to Ebb minor, at +240 cents from C. Note that 240 x 5 = 1200 cents = 1 octave.


Claudi Meneghin - Arietta with 5 Variations, for Organ, in 46edo

A short Arietta with 5 variations, in 46-equal division of the octave, for organ.
The Arietta has the following tonal structure, as well as the first three variations:
F (19\46) - G/ (28\46) - A// (37\46) - C (46\46).
In general, the divisibility of the fifth (27\46) by 3 has been extensively used throughout the piece. Also, there are plenty of septimal harmonies.


Bach, Art of Fugue, Contrapunctus 14, Completed by Claudi Meneghin [Mic...

A completion of Bach's Contrapunctus 14 from the Art of Fugue, based on very simple contrapuntal principles (Jump directly to the completion). Tuned into 31edo, close to quarter-comma meantone. (c) Claudi Meneghin, copyright claim SRu 1-426-719 @ the Library of Congress