Pachelbel's Canon in 3 tunings: Just intonation, Meantone and 12-equal

Pachelbel's Canon in D, in three different tunings: Just (with septimal C), Quarter-comma Meantone, and the usual 12-equal, all played at midi organ.
1st voice: Montre 8 + Nazard 2 & 2/3
2nd voice: Montre 8 + Tierce 1 & 3/5
3rd voice: Montre 8 + Larigot 1 & 1/3
Bass: Principale 16+8


Jean Marie Leclair - Chaconne, from Deuxième Récréation de Musique [31edo]

This is Jean Marie Leclair's Chaconne from the Deuxième Récréation de Musique, Op.8, arranged for organ and tuned into 31edo, close to quarter-comma meantone.

Micropiece in 11edo [Microtonal, 11edo]

A short piece in 11-equal division of the octave, for Recorder, Oboe, Bassoon, freely inspired by Handel's Harmonious Blacksmith theme.


Bach - Jesus bleibet meine Freude BWV 147 [Vicentino JI]

We present Bach's Chorale Jesus bleibet meine Freude, arranged for two organs and tuned into Vicentino's adaptive just intonation.


Mozart · Piano Concerto 20, 1st movement [Organ, Meantone]

We present the first movement from Mozart's Piano Concerto 20 in D minor. The solo part is played at the Organ. Tuning system is 12 notes from meantone, generated by a 697-cent fifth and octave period, spanning the chain from Eb to G#. This is different from the historical tuning used by Mozart, probably 1/6-comma meantone, instead. Sound Production: (c) Claudi Meneghin @ Library of Congress, claim SRu 1 345]


"Lament & Deception", Chacony in 55edo for Two Violins & Cello

This is my Chacony "Lament & Deception" in 55-equal division of the octave (very close to sixth-comma meantone) for two violins and cello. The piece consists in 33 variations on the lament bass, followed by a deceptive cadence. Each section is a diatonic semitone higher than the preceding one, hence we come back to the orginal tonality (C) every 11 steps (since in 55edo 11 diatonic semitones = 1 octave).  


Canon at the Diatonic Semitone on an Ancient Lombard Theme [55edo]

A canon at the diatonic semitone on an ancient Lombard theme, for organ. Tuning is 55-equal division of the octave, close to sixth-comma meantone, a tuning possibly used by Mozart.