Canon at the Semitone on The Mother's Malison Theme, for Organ, in 13edo

A Canon at the Semitone on an ancient Lombard theme - The Mother's Malison -  for organ. Tuning is 13-equal division of the octave. The canon raises by a tone each five measures, repeating itself 13 times. 13edo is notated as 26edo, however the interval C-Dbb is named a semitone all the same.
0: 1/1 C 1: 92.308 cents Cx Dbb 2: 184.615 cents D 3: 276.923 cents Dx Ebb 4: 369.231 cents E 5: 461.538 cents Ex Fb 6: 553.846 cents F# Gbbb 7: 646.154 cents Fx# Gb 8: 738.462 cents G# Abbb 9: 830.769 cents Gx# Ab 10: 923.077 cents A# Bbbb 11: 1015.385 cents Ax# Bb 12: 1107.692 cents B# Cbb 13: 2/1 C


Micropiece in 13edo [Microtonal, 13edo]

A short piece in 13-equal division of the octave, for Recorder, Oboe, Bassoon, freely inspired by Handel's Harmonious Blacksmith theme.


Claudi Meneghin - Fantasy "Almost a Fugue" on a Theme by Giuliani, for String Quartet [55edo]

A short fantasy in form of a fugue for string quartet on a theme by Giuliani, from the third movement of his Guitar Concerto in A, op.36. Tuning is 55-equal division of the octave, very close to sixth-comma meantone (a tuning Mozart probably used).