Fantasy "Almost a Fugue" on a Theme by Giuliani, for String Quartet [31edo]

A short Fantasy in form of a Fugue for string quartet on a theme by Giuliani, from the third movement of his Guitar Concerto in A, op.36. Tuning is 31-equal division of the octave, very close to quarter-comma meantone.


Fugue on Greensleeves for Organ in 31edo

A little fugue for organ on the Greensleeves theme, in 31edo (close to quarter-comma meantone). Plenty of septimal harmonies are used. Notation: Scala E31.


The Major Triad - Approximation in multiple EDO's

The major triad, approximated in multiple EDO's, from 7-edo to 15-edo, indexed by fifth size.
The major third is always the best approximation of 5/4 = 386.314 cents in the given edo.


Bach - Jesus bleibet meine Freude BWV 147 [Kirnberger 3]

We present Bach's Chorale Jesus bleibet meine Freude, arranged for two organs and tuned into Kirnberger 3 well temperament (4 meantone fifths, from C to E, 8 pythagorean ones elsewhere).


The Perfect Triad, from Subminor to Supermajor, in Seven Minutes

C and G fixed, a third note (modulating from Ebd to Eh) creates a Perfect Triad, modulating from subminor to supermajor, in seven minutes. C = 1/1, G = 3/2.