Jean Marie Leclair - Chaconne, from Deuxième Récréation de Musique [31edo]

This is Jean Marie Leclair's Chaconne from the Deuxième Récréation de Musique, Op.8, arranged for organ and tuned into 31edo, close to quarter-comma meantone.

Micropiece in 11edo [Microtonal, 11edo]

A short piece in 11-equal division of the octave, for Recorder, Oboe, Bassoon, freely inspired by Handel's Harmonious Blacksmith theme.


Bach - Jesus bleibet meine Freude BWV 147 [Vicentino JI]

We present Bach's Chorale Jesus bleibet meine Freude, arranged for two organs and tuned into Vicentino's adaptive just intonation.