St Louis Fugue (Fugue on St Louis Blues), for Baroque Ensemble - [Microtonal, 19edo]


A 4-part Fugue on Saint Louis Blues, for baroque ensemble, in 19-equal division of the octave (very close to third-comma meantone).

Instrumentation is: Oboe, Recorder, Clarinet, Bassoon, Cello.


Handel's Suite in D minor HWV 428 for Harpischord - Allemande - E19

We present the «Allemande» from Handel's Suite in D minor HWV 428 for Harpischord, tuned into 19-equal division of the octave. Soundfont is Harpischord Zell.


One-minute canon in 19edo for Oboe Recorder Trumpet & Bassoon

 A short 3-in-1 Canon upon a ground, made up of a lament-bass part followed by a 2-5-1 cadence in 19edo, for Oboe Recorder Trumpet and Bassoon.

A score is available here: