«Blue Canon», 3-in-1 for Baroque Oboe, Recorder, Violin, Bassoon, Continuo, tuned into Eagle 53.


«Blue Canon» is a 3-in-1 Canon in G for Oboe, Recorder, Violin, and Continuo, tuned into Eagle 53, a tuning devised by John O'Sullivan. Eagle 53 is normally centred around E; for this piece the same tuning centred around G has been preferred, though. The tuning has the following cent figures: G= 0 113.2 203.8 317 384.9 498.1 588.7 701.9 815.1 883 1018.9 1086.8; essentially, when centred around G, it consists in three pieces of the pyhtagorean chain of fifths: from Fb to Db, from C to A, from G# to E#. It can be used in a more diatonic fashion though, by avoiding the use of triads on F and A. Anyway, this example has been notated by means of the 12-edo customary notation.

A score is available here 🙂


Micro-Fugue on Happy Birthday for Baroque Ensemble [Rameau OT]

 A short 5-part Micro-Fugue on "Happy Birthday" (a tune which is now in the public domain) in Bb, for Recorder, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trombone.

Tuning is Rameau's TempĂ©rament Ordinarire (Ordinary Temperament), a circulating temperament generated by 7 meantone fifths (as large as 697 ¢) and five sharp fifths (as large as 704.2 ¢), then rounded to integer values. The cent figures of the tuning are: 101 ¢ 194 ¢ 295 ¢ 388 ¢ 496 ¢ 596 ¢ 697 ¢ 798 ¢ 891 ¢ 992 ¢ 1092 ¢ 1200 ¢.