Bach - Jesus bleibet meine Freude BWV 147 [Semi-Just Intonation]

We present Bach's Chorale Jesus bleibet meine Freude, arranged for two organs and tuned into Semi-Just intonation, centered around G. "Semi-Just intonation" is a generic umbrella name for systems constructed by expanding some just chords in a given tonality. In this case, the structure by fifths of the tuning is the following: Bb Just F F Quarter-comma C C Just G G Just D D Third-comma A A Third-comma E E Third-comma B B Quarter-comma F# F# Just C# C# Just G# G# Just D# D# 710.75 ¢ Bb The G-major triad is just. The other main triads happen to be tuned in this way (intervals from each root are displayed, figures are in cents): F 0.00 A 0.00 E 0.00 D 0.00 A 395.27 C 301.30 G# 395.27 F# 380.94 C 696.58 E 694.79 B 694.79 A 694.79

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