The Miracle Canon, 3-in-1 on a Ground by Claudi Meneghin - [Microtonal, Miracle, 31edo]

This is "The Miracle Canon", a 3-in-1 Canon on a Ground for Recorder, Oboe, Cornet, and Continuo. The Bass line is an obstinato descending chormatic line, similar to the Lament Bass. Tuning is "Miracle", devised by George Secor. It is generated by 3 steps out of 31, and implemented here by means of 21 notes out of 31edo (8 up and 12 down from C). Notation is customary 31edo meantone (only 15 notes out of 21 are concretely used):
0 c
3 des
6 eeses
7 eeseh
10 e
12 feh
13 f
15 fis
18 g
19 gih
21 aes
22 aeh
25 beseh
28 b
29 bih

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