"Lament & Deception", Chacony in 55edo for Two Violins & Cello

This is my Chacony "Lament & Deception" in 55-equal division of the octave (very close to sixth-comma meantone) for two violins and cello. The piece consists in 33 variations on the lament bass, followed by a deceptive cadence. Each section is a diatonic semitone higher than the preceding one, hence we come back to the orginal tonality (C) every 11 steps (since in 55edo 11 diatonic semitones = 1 octave).  

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  1. Being a friend of the Pure Consonants and thus close to the Pure Tuning, I am currently interested in tunings that include the Pure Consonants.

    I wonder what interests me in this work by Claudi Meneghin? Is it the "old garb" in a new kind of tuning?

    It is an irritating entity for me, I don't know how to classify it.

    With this music of Claudi Meneghin I think of Jean-Marie Leclair, called L'aîné (1697-1764), the baroque composer and with his "Deuxième Récréation de Musique, op.8" and the Chaconne which bursts the whole composition.