Bach - Ricercar a 6, Tuned into Vicentino 1/4-Comma Adaptive Just Intonation [31edo]

We present Bach's Ricercar a 6, from the Musical Offering, tuned into Vicentino 1/4-Comma adaptive just intonation. This tuning is implemented here as 31-equal division of the octave, but fifths and minor thirds are raised by 5.18 cents, which equals 31-edo approximation of a quarter-comma (i.e. 1200*(log_2 (3/2) - 18/31)). In this setting, fifths are just, and major thirds are tuned at 387.1 cents (+0.79 cents from just). Minor thirds are tuned at 314.86 cents (-0.79 cents from just).

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