Claudi Meneghin - Chaconne et Fugue à 5 "Les Regrets" en 46edo

This is Claudi Meneghin's Chaconne et Fugue à 5 "Les Regrets" en 46edo, for Recorder, Cornett, Viola da Braccio, Bassoon, Gamba, Continuo, in C minor. 
Notation: 46edo with standard accidentals (sharp = +5/46, flat = -5/46), plus some symbols from Turkish Maqam, used in an inconsistent way:
  • One-vertical-line sharp: +1/46;
  • One-vertical-line-and-three-oblique-line sharp: +2/46;
  • Two-stroke flat: -4/46;
  • Two-vertical-line-and-three-oblique-line sharp: +6/46;
  • Mirrored flat: -1/46.

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