Negri Suite, for Harpischord [Negri, 19-edo]


My «Negri Suite» (Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue), for Harpischord (Soundfont: Harpichord Zell) Tuning is Negri - named after John Negri's «The Nineteen-Tone System as Ten Plus Nine». Interval, Journal of Music Research and Development, pp. 11–13 of Volume 5, Number 3 (Winter 1986–1987). Here, Negri has been implemented as 19-equal division of the octave, generated by 2 steps out of 19 = 126.316 cents. All the movements of this Suite go back and forth by a generator twice; more exactly, they modulate forth by a generator in part 1 (B to C) and in part 2 (C to Db); then they modulate back by a generator in part 3 (Db to C, via Eb, F, G) and in part 4 (C to B, via D, E, F#). Miniature: PD Image: Cembalo universale (Organeum Weener): Keyboard with «subsemitonia», August 2009, Author: Wikiwal at German Wikipedia.

Here's a score of the piece.

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