[Sneak Preview] Micro-Gigue, for Harpsichord [Negri, E19]

 A short Gigue, for Harpischord. Tuning is Negri (named after John Negri's «The Nineteen-Tone System as Ten Plus Nine». Interval, Journal of Music Research and Development, pp. 11–13 of Volume 5, Number 3, Winter 1986–1987), here rendered in 19-equal division of the octave.

Negri is a regular temperament such that: • Two generators make a tempered 7/6~8/7~15/13 • Three generators make a tempered 5/4~16/13 • Four generators make a tempered 4/3. This is the case in 19-equal division of the octave, and the generator is 2 steps out of 19, i.e 126.316 cents. This piece goes back and forth by a generator; more exactly, it modulates forth by a generator in part 1 (B to C), and it modulates back by a generator in part 2 (C to B, via D, E, F#). This is a sneak preview of a larger Gigue, as well as part of a larger «Negri Suite».

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